Ariel Winter: Nearly Naked In Bubble Bath, Totally Loves It

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Sauxy minx!

Ariel Winter Bubble Bath

With her high school career in the bag, and four years of college starting in September, Ariel Winter is having the time of her life.

The Modern Family star shared a photo from the set of her new movie, Dog Years, in which she's soaking in a bubble bath, with what looks like a glass of red wine at her side.

"Today's office...relax everyone it's cranberry juice and I'm wearing lady bit pasties. #DogYears #set #movie," Winter wrote.

According to IMDB, Dog Years (co-starring Burt Reynolds) tells the story of an "aging, former movie star" who is "forced to face the reality that his glory days are far behind him."

Directed by Adam Rifkin, the film's universal focus is on the difficulty of growing old.

Winter has shared Instagram's from filming, which include her wearing crop tops, short shorts, tattoos and piercings.

Anway, Winter in a bubble bath!

You have to hand it to the star for owning her sexuality.  

Winter knows exactly the right buttons to push when she posts a provocative photo, completely aware that people are going to talk.

When Winter showed underboob at her high school graduation party, followers called her outfit "inappropriate."

Winter shot back.

"Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress," she wrote.

"And if you hate it, don't buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody

"Embrace all that you are," she continued.

"Don't let those outside voices become your inner voice #mychoice #loveyourcurves."

Several media outlets have speculated that Winter and her boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette have broken up (they started dating in 2013 and briefly separated in 2015).

The last time they were spotted together was at Coachella in April.

Happy to put any confusion to rest, Winter posted this meme to Twitter over the weekend:

Ariel Winter Confirms Single Status

"Hi there press people!!!!!!," she captioned the GIF on Instagram, mocking the very people who have been digging tirelessly into her personal life.

Singletons, hurrah!

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