Dad Dresses Daughter Inappropriately, Internet Thinks It's Hilarious

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Jeremy Basso doesn't understand how overalls work.

The father of an adorable baby girl named Olivia recently sent the infant to day care in a set of nautical overalls with no shirt underneath.

Baby in Overalls Without Shirt

To his credit, he thought that's how it was supposed to look.

But when his wife Brooke learned of the wardrobe fail, she called him out via text message, and the conversation has won the hearts of the internet.

“Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?” Brooke asks.

“Uh, I sent her with that thing on,” Jeremy replied.

When Brooke points out that a shirt is supposed to be worn under the 'alls (for folks who don't live in a haystack), he claimed ignorance.

“I do normally dress the baby but that morning I had a job interview so he stayed to do it,” Brooke told Scary Mommy.

“When I picked her up, I thought perhaps she made a mess on the shirt and the daycare took it off. Our provider simply laughed and said, ‘nope, she came like this!'”

It's cute and funny, and truthfully, who cares if an infant's nipples are exposed? They're all the same at that age.

But we have to ask, what if it were Brooke who sent her baby to daycare this way?

We're fairly sure the mom-shamers would be out in droves, waving their torches on her front lawn. Or Twitter account.

Why is it that when a dad fails at parenting, it's adorable, but when a mom makes a misstep, we need to alert Child Protective Services?

And similarly, when a mom does something right, she never gets credit.

As the folks at Scary Mommy put it:

"We heap loads of praise on dads for doing the most benign things that moms never get credit for — like dressing kids, doing their hair, cooking, breathing — we can make fun of their parenting foibles occasionally."


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