Greatest Dad Ever Recreates Daughter's Selfies

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Chris Martin is a resident of Spokane, Washington. He’s also the father of a 19-year old girl named Cassie.

God help him, right?

As you might expect from a girl her age, Cassie loves to use social media, especially Instagram and especially posing for selfies on Instagram.

She has grown up in the age of Kim Kardashian, after all.

Instead of castigating his child for some of these revealing, weird, lame photos, however, Chris has taken a different approach:

He's recreated them himself!

The resulting images have gone viral because... well... it's a 47-year old man striking the same online poses as his 19-year old daughter.

See for yourself:

1. Cleavage Shots

Cleavage Shots
Cover up, honey... or else I won't, either.

2. Inked Up

Inked Up
Chris says it took him three days to get all the ink off from this one. But it was totally worth it!

3. The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It
Explained Chris in the caption for this image: "I told her it looked like she was trying to escort Japanese businessmen and to tone it down. She did a little but i still kept it up because sometimes I'm just bored. So heres the latest. #nailedit #baddad."

4. Is My Belly Showing?!?

Is My Belly Showing?!?
“It’s been pretty funny,” Martin tells Us Weekly of other parents’ reactions. “A few have called me a jerk, but I don't think they get it. We've kind of always made fun of each other in our family.”

5. Just Chilling

Just Chilling
How does Cassie feel about this? “My dad is a huge comedian in the family so when he did the pictures it was a huge laugh,” she added to Us. “The funniest reaction I get is from people my age hoping their parents don't know how to work the internet so they can't jump [on] the trend my dad has started.”

6. Hi, Dear!

Hi, Dear!
Mind if I butt in?

7. An Equal Opportunity Offender

An Equal Opportunity Offender
If it makes Cassie feel any better, Chris also mocks her brother. See!

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