LeAnn Rimes: Hiding Baby Bump at Stepson's Soccer Game?!

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Last month, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Leann Rimes on Instagram

It's surprising not only that they've made it this far (relationships that start with both parties being unfaithful generally don't last very long), but also that LeAnn still isn't a mom.

You see, Rimes has made it clear that she wants kids of her own since before she and Eddie started hooking up.

The couple even discussed the possibility of expanding their family on the disastrous LeAnn & Eddie reality show that ran on VH1 for one season.

LeAnn seems to enjoy being a "bonus mom" to Eddie's two sons with Brandi Glanville (She even has the tacky jewelry to prove it!), but she's also made no secret of the fact that she intends to have Eddie's third kid whether he likes it or not.

Rumors about LeAnn being pregnant seem to circulate every few months, but this time, several witnesses are insisting it's the real deal.

We say "witnesses" and not "insiders," because the intel comes from spectators at Eddie's son's recent soccer game, who claim that LeAnn was rocking a maternity top.

Speculation that LeAnn is has a bump and she's not hiding it terribly well may not seem very convincing, but bear in mind that based on her latest bikini photos, she couldn't possibly be more than a couple months along.

There's no way that she would keep her pregnancy secret for long, so showing up to a public event with a billowy blouse might be her way of telling the world that she's knocked up when she's not even showing yet.

The good thing about LeAnn is that we won't have to speculate for long.

You know she's been planning this announcement since the advent of Instagram.

The girl doesn't do much singing or acting or really anything at all these days, but she still lives for the likes.

Prepare yourself for the most heavily-'Grammed pregnancy in social media history.

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