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Now more than ever, step-parents are playing important roles in the lives of millions of young Americans. 

Many of them are helping to build stable, healthy blended-family units and serving as positive role models for the kids in their lives. Others, like LeAnn Rimes, are busy showing off their weird, self-congratulatory jewelry on Instagram:

LeAnn Rimes: Bonus Mom

LeAnn posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, along with a bunch of obnoxious hashtags to let you know just how much she paid for her blinged-out wrist:

"Today wrist party! I love a good stack! Fashion Friday!! #bonuslove #cartier #rosegold #stepmom #bonus #wristparty #fashion #familyfriday #fashionfriday"

Yes, "bonus mom" is LeAnn’s preferred term for the role that she plays in the lives of Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville’s two sons.

Though it briefly looked like things had calmed down last year, we have it on good authority that LeAnn and Brandi still hate each other, and lots of folks took this pic as a subtle shot at Brandi.

Others just thought it was super lame that LeAnn rocks customized Cartier stepmom bracelets.

Whatever your opinion, we think it’s safe to say that those rumors about LeAnn being pregnant are bogus.

You’ll know when she’s actually knocked up because she’ll post a photo of a $10,000 "EXPECTING" bracelet.