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LeAnn & Eddie, the new reality show of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, may have hit a new low for the genre, which says a lot given the competition.

The show, ironically, is marketed as the “truth” about the controversial celebrity couple, who feel they need to put “their side of the story” out there.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, who had an affair while both were married to other people and then got married, cannot let go of the spotlight.

It’s sad, considering that we’ve already watched Eddie’s family fall apart in the public eye, yet this whole show is a giant exercise in their narcissism.

If you can’t laugh at your problems (home wrecking, ex-wives, parenting issues, tabloid scrutiny), they ask rhetorically, how can you go through life?

This would be a reasonable question if they weren’t terrible individuals.

All of their alleged jokes are basically cheap shots at Brandi Glanville (no saint herself, obviously), and they come off as comically high on themselves.


And while they claim to laugh off celebrity gossip rumors with their trademark sense of humor, they are clearly obsessed with everything written about them.

Pretty much the entire season premiere, in fact, centers about the fact that Star published a story claiming the duo are getting a “$50 million divorce.”

Actually laugh it off, and then ignore it? Of course not.

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Fake laugh it off (Eddie really isn’t that good an actor apparently), but then react incredulously, while simultaneously feeding into it? That’s more like it.

Cibrian, forever the class act who takes the high road, “refuses to dignify” such absurdity by commenting to the media, even though LeAnn wants him to.

In that sense, this was an honest moment. She loves the attention, and is concerned about her image and how she is portrayed, to a shocking degree.

At the same time, she’s not self-aware at all. It’s sad.

Perhaps the lowest of the low points is Rimes going to get a tattoo to celebrate getting out of her 20-year record contract, and the new Star is there.

Cue hilariously scripted, self-involved banter!

You don’t want the kids to see this, someone at the tattoo parlor helpfully notes … as opposed to this reality show they will one day have to live down.

Mercifully, the episode eventually ends, as Cibrian decides to take the “happy wife, happy life” adage to heart and comment on the “ludicrous” rumor.

“For Eddie to comment on this, when I know he did not want to do it at all, really means a lot to me,” Rimes gushes, and all is wrong with the world again.