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Is LeAnn Rimes pregnant with baby number one? That’s the rumor that has followed the country singer ever since she got together with Eddie Cibrian.

Has it finally come true?

Reports that Eddie has gotten LeAnn Rimes pregnant are nothing new. They were even woven into their terrible reality show, LeAnn & Eddie.

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It’s become a part of the fabric of their very existence, along with trying to remain relevant and publicly feuding with his ex Brandi Glanville.

Well, soon things may change for the couple, if these reports are to be believed. Is Rimes finally pregnant with her first child (Eddie’s third)?

A source said of the couple, “It’s been a really tough tow for LeAnn and Eddie, they have been trying for years to have a child together with little luck.”

“LeAnn found out weeks ago that she’s expecting, and couldn’t be happier!”

“She and Eddie are going to wait to find out the gender for now, though that was more LeAnn’s decision and Eddie wants to know so he can prepare!”

Ironically, LeAnn and Brandi reportedly ended their eternal feud last month for the sake of Brandi and Eddie’s two sons, Mason and Jake.

Imagine how his former wife will react if he ignores them to celebrate LeAnn, who will Tweet about her pregnancy 10,000 times a day.

Brandi says Eddie Cibrian is a deadbeat dad as it is.

Of course, this could all be total B.S. Not unlike anything we saw on LeAnn & Eddie last summer in their sad effort to become reality stars.