Adam Lind: I'm Turning My Life Around!

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He's pressing the reset button, you guys!

Adam Lind Shows Off His Body

Adam Lind took to Facebook on August 19th in order to let the world know that even though he's been kind of a jack ass, he's finally ready to grow up.

The timing is opportune, given that the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 exposed Lind as a no-show, when he stood up his own daughter, Aubree ahead of her father-daughter dance.

That was the old Adam.  Let's meet the new Adam! 

"I don't even know where to start..."Stasia Lynn Huber has saved my life more than once ... Mentally and yup ... Physically too ... ," Lind wrote, referring to his girlfriend.

"For all the stupid mistakes I've done and caused I don't even deserve her... I've cheated ... I've lied ... I've hid things from her that should've been told ... After friends and family have told us countless times to move on ... Well I can't ... And she can't ...."

"I haven't exactly lived a normal life from the age of 16-25 .... I've been handed 100s of thousands of dollars and blown it ... Could've been a better father and friend and man ... But ya know what .. Its made me who I am today .. After all the shit I've been through the ups and downs ... She's always been there .. Always..

"I've finally got my shit mostly together ... Own a nice 4bdrm house for me and my girls and her... Just landed a bomb ass job representing Bpi Sports/Cutler Nutrition... I don't do much anymore but gym work and focus on getting custody of Aubree so she can finally be with her sister and myself .. Stasia has been through it all with me ... She loves my children and they love her..

"Big things coming in the rest of 2016 ... I love you Stasia Lynn..."

Do we believe Lind?  Will he actually stick to his mid-year resolution and start becoming a better person?

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