Eddie Cibrian: Using LeAnn Rimes For Her Money?

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Against all odds, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary today.

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The couple wasn't expected to last this long because, well...marriages that begin with both parties cheating on their respective spouses generally end badly.

But as far as we know the many, many rumors about Eddie cheating on LeAnn have turned out to be bogus, and the Cibrians are still going strong.

Actually, "strong" might be a, well...strong word, but the important thing is that LeAnn and Eddie are still together - for now.

According to Star magazine, LeAnn's friends are concerned that Eddie will leave her when her money dries up - which might be happening much sooner than expected.

“They’ve coasted off LeAnn’s savings since they got together five years ago, but they live large with a huge mansion and lots of trips,” says one insider.

“Plus, she helps support his two sons.”

The problem, it seems, is that LeAnn is a singer who hasn't recorded an album of new material in three years, and Eddie is an actor whose most recent work was a three-episode stint on the Freeform sitcom Baby Daddy.

LeAnn and Eddie's VH1 reality show only lasted one season, and did very little to line their pockets.

Sources say the couple was so embarrassed by their financial situation that they rented a house for the show in order to appear more affluent.

Now, what little money the couple had saved has been squandered, and LeAnn's friend fear the worst for her marriage.

“LeAnn knows she’s neglected her career for too long,” says the source. “At this point she’s known more for her affair with Eddie than for being a singer.”

“Eddie married a rich girl on purpose. So what happens when that’s no longer the case?”

Sadly, we think LeAnn knows the answer to that question.

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