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Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the show’s most shocking moment, as it was widely assumed [SPOILER ALERT!] that Jon Snow would be brought back from the dead by Melisandre.

Even so, the conclusion of last night’s episode of Game of Thrones packed an emotional punch, as we finally got to see the resurrection fans have been awaiting for the better part of a year.

Kit Harington on Jon Snow Resurrection

As hard as the wait was for rabid Throners (Worst. Fan nickname. Ever.), the whole ordeal was even tougher on actor Kit Harington, who endured numerous press events in which he was basically forced to lie about his character’s fate.

In the above clip from Harington’s recent interview with Entertainment Weekly apologizes to fans for attempting (and failing) to throw them off the trail:

“Sorry!” Harington says. “I’d like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I’m glad that people were upset that he died. I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care.

"Or it would just be, ‘Fine, Jon Snow’s dead.’ But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode, kind of grief about it. Which means something I’m doing — or the show is doing — is right.” 

With apologies to fans who were forced to DVR last night’s episode, the magazine revealed a super spoiler-iffic cover this morning:

Jon Snow: Back From the Dead

Like we said, not exactly subtle, but by this point in the show’s run. even the most flaccid Throners should know to stay off social media the day after missing an episode.

(We’re gonna make that nickname happen, dammit!)

If you’re among the unlucky few who didn’t catch the episode live, we’ve got you covered:

Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Online
Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Online

Sure, you already know that Jon comes back from the dead, but that twist has overshadowed a number of much more genuinely shocking moments:

Ramsay found a way to become even more revolting! We got our first look at Jon’s possible mom, Lyanna Stark! Tyrion talked to the Khaleesi’s dragons! Best of all…


Oh…uh, is it too late to say spoiler alert?

It’s probably a good time to go watch Game of Thrones online before we ruin any other surprises for you.

Pay close attention to the scene where Robb wakes up and realizes the Red Wedding was just a dream. Just kidding!