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Last week, TMZ uncovered documents revealing that Tyga failed to make payments on a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and owed Choice Motor Credit $350,000.

Tyga at Barbershop premiere
Photo via Frazer Harrison

Furthermore, the site reported that the company was about to send the repo man to take back said Lambo – and that they had already repossessed Tyga’s Bentley in February.

But T-Raww is now defending himself by saying jokes on you, TMZ, I already sold those rides.

"I sold my lambo aventador & Bentley mulsanne over a year ago. I got a hurracan Rolls Royce and Ferrari nice try @tmz," he tweeted.

Tyga tweets about Lambo

Get with the program, TMZ. Tyga’s a baller, and Lamborghinis and Bentleys are so 2014.

Nevertheless, reports of the rapper being broke are all over the place.

In addition to the records of the two repossessions mentioned above, the Mercedes G-Wagon Tyga gifted to girlfriend Kylie Jenner is reportedly in danger of being retrieved as well due to late (or no) payments.

But cars aren’t the only items he’s in the hole for.

Earlier this year, the landlord of Tyga’s $17,000-a-month Hollywood Hills rental home served him up with an eviction notice.

And prior to that, we discovered that he owes $88,469 in back rent plus more than $35,000 in interest after failing to pay on a previous house in Tarzana, Calif.

It’s hard to believe that all of these accounts are based on spurious rumors, since many of them are accompanied by official documents. 

There’s also the fact that hardly anyone had even heard of Tyga before he latched onto Kylie Jenner and her fame.

But hey, Tyga’s got a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce and a naive yet rich-as-hell girlfriend, so hakuna matata.

We’re all just waiting for karma to kick in.