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If you’re not familiar with Tila Tequila and Azealia Banks, just know that they’re a couple of Z-list a-holes who have committed themselves to making the Internet – and the world – worse for everyone by spewing hateful, racist nonsense on a daily basis.

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So far this year, Tila has threatened to shoot up a movie theater, posted a photo of her daughter with a Hitler mustache, claimed to be an alien with a robot brain, and started a GoFundMe page so that she can start shopping at Target, because she feels there are too many black people at Wal Mart.

Not to be outdone in the bigoted psycho department, Ms. Banks issued an online death threat, encouraged a suicidal fellow artist to kill herself, and called for Sarah Palin to be "gang raped by black men."

Sadly, even though we have the technology, our society has not started equipping people like this with weapons and luring them into a video camera-equipped space shuttle where they can do battle for our amusement while orbiting the Earth at a safe distance.

Fortunately, people who are awful in such similar ways will inevitably seek each out and expend their energy being terrible to one another, which is exactly what happened on Twitter today:

It all started when Tila spewed some insanity about Banks’ comments about Palin:

"@AZEALIABANKS blacks with your mentality DO accept slavery & you continue to endorse it. Bravo genius!" Tequila tweeted.

"The purge is real, it’s happening, and many I have returned to deliver messages directly from heaven to humanity of what is coming!" she continued.

"@AZEALIABANKS will DEFINITELY NOT be allowed to enter heaven once the purge is over. She has but little time, if any, left 2 get right…The Afircan Americans in heaven where I currently reside would very much disagree with @AZEALIABANKS n–gerish behavior."

Banks is probably one of the only people on the planet who man match Tequila in terms of racially-charged lunacy, and she brought her A-game in response:

"I’m not a Christian and I don’t believe in heaven. Furthermore, I don’t remember there being any Asians in the bible," she tweeted to Tila.

"Girl, if you don’t go back the the fortune cookie sweatshop with this mess…Go make me some cat fried rice."

You get the idea – super racist, super awful, super Tila Tequila and Azealia Banks.

Someone get these two a reality show ASAP!