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The mother of Blac Chyna just upped the ante in her daughter’s feud with the Kardashian sisters.

And she did it in hilariously unhinged fashion.

Blac Chyna, Mom

With the Internet still buzzing over Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian actually being engaged, Tokyo Toni has taken to Instagram to make her thoughts on her impending relatives rather clear.

Blac Chyna’s mom shared the following Photoshopped image of Kim Kardashian and company and wrote a rambling message as a caption that can be summarized with just a few bullet points:

Awesome Photo
  • The siblings have large rear ends.
  • They all had plastic surgery.
  • None of them are invited to her daughter’s wedding.

For some reason, after making this post live, Tokyo Toni expressed regret over her Kardashian bashing and said she would not do it again.

"I know people look up to me," she Tweeted, adding that she feels a need to make a "public apology to everyone [she] offended on IG, especially the Kardashians."

Why is she apologizing to these family members?

"I just feel it’s being proper," she wrote.

Sure. We guess.

But what if they really did threaten to kick Rob out of the family if he married Blac Chyna? What then?!?