Lana Del Rey to Azealia Banks: I Will F--k You Up!

Lana Del Rey to Azealia Banks: I Will F--k You Up!

She may have torpedoed her own music career and gotten kicked off Twitter for engaging in some pretty bizarre behavior, but Azealia Banks is still finding ways to make her voice heard.

And the results have been just as infuriating and entertaining as ever!

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Cardi B Beefs With Azealia Banks, Internet Braces For Savage Clap Back

Cardi B vs. Azealia Banks: Non-Surprising Feud Alert!

If you're like us, you're old, and uncool, and you get your news from a tattered parchment delivered to your door by a young lad in a jaunty cap whom you reward with a single shilling and some wise words about prudent spending each fortnight.

Because of our woeful lack of hipness, we only recently became familiar with Cardi B, the rapper whose debut single "Bodak Yellow" just dethroned Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" as the number one song in the country.

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Rihanna and Azealia Banks: Feuding HARD Over Trump!

Rihanna and Azealia Banks: Feuding HARD Over Trump!

Don't look now, but Azealia Banka is being a rude, aggressive, highly questonable troll!

On second thought, go ahead and look. After all, if you looked away every time Azealia Banks decided to be awful, you'd never get anything done.

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Azealia Banks to Donald Trump: PLEASE Let Me Perform at Your Inauguration!

Azealia Banks: I NEED to Perform at the Trump Inauguration!

Azealia Banks has never really delivered on her early promise as a hitmaker. (In fact, she has has yet to attain "one hit wonder" status.) 

But she's still managed to remain relevant by starting fights with vastly more famous celebrities and genuinely behaving like a  person who's been given a platform despite having flushed her meds several weeks ago.

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