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Move over, Kanye West.

There’s a new crazy Twitter user in town.

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Okay, Tila Tequila being crazy on Twitter really is nothing new.

This is the same person who recently claimed the Earth is flat and who also said obese people deserve to die.

But now the troubled former reality star really may have crossed a line. Multiple lines, in fact.

In Tila’s latest Twitter meltdown, she first defended her use of the N-Word by pointing the finger at artists who use the epithet in their songs.

@NICKIMINAJ has a song where she says "N—-" over 100 times & has violent gun visuals 2 the music vid! What outcome did u expect?

The argument that African-Americans should stop using this word if they don’t want others using it is not all that insane, not for Tequila at least.

But then Tila went ahead and got very racist when responding to a user who took exception to her viewpoint, writing:

No need for name calling! All I did was eat some fried chicken and drink grape soda yesterday! Chill bro!

Racism aside, Tequila also alleged once again that she is God’s daughter … that she is Jason Bourne’s sister … that she is a "Super Soldier" created by the Nazis.

At one point on her rant, Tila admitted that 90% of what she says is just "trolling" and that’s fine. We get that someone like Tequila is desperate for attention and that Twitter is a place where she can get it.

But then she also wrote the following:

I have been sitting in 1 single room for 5 hours! I am being brainwashed again. As soon as I leave here I am going to shoot up a theater.

There’s nothing funny there. There’s no joke to be made about a mass shooting.

Tila deleted this Tweet soon after it went live because even she knew it had gone too far.

But it’s still out there for all to see. This woman needs years of professional help.