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Okay, so Iggy Azalea hasn’t exactly had the greatest year. In fact, at some point in the past 12 months, the entire country collectively decided she’s super annoying. 

That said, Azealia Banks just took her feud with Iggy to a new level, and it’s totally not okay:

Azealia Banks Comcert Image
Photo via Ricky Swift/

In case you’re unaware, Banks attacks other artists on Twitter like its her job (and given the sorry state of her music career, it pretty much is).

Usually, it’s amusing – even when she goes after easy targets like Iggy – but last night, Ms. Banks may have finally gone too far.

In response to a recent interview in which Iggy talked about her plastic surgery and her feud with Azealia, Banks took to Twitter and hit Iggy where it hurts – right in the nose (job):

“Mentioning me is the only thing that will get you attention,” she tweeted.” Because your music and nose job are trash. I’m about to take my pettiness to a whole new level. Like, I’m about to do something so f–king petty. You’re gonna be gagging all year.” 

“Matter of fact. Let me just kill this bitch. No one is talking about you so you chose to mention me. Wrong move.” 

Yes, Azealia literally threatened to kill Iggy.

While we love a good Twitter feud as much as anyone, we feel like “criminal threats of bodily harm” is a good place to draw the line.