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From the start of their relationship, we knew that Blac Chyna planned to help Rob Kardashian lose weight.

Now that Rob and Blac are engaged, they’ve decided to get specific with regard to their fitness goals, and to finally reveal once and for all how much weight Rob is carrying these days:

That’s a Snapchat video that Blac posted on Snapchat, and Rob promptly re-posted on Instagram.

In it, Blac asks him to state his name, height and weight before his five-week training program begins.

"Rob Kardashian, 250 pounds, 6-1," Rob tells the camera.

When asked if Blac has his permission to train him, Rob replied, "Of course."

This is a complex situation, because it’s cool that Blac is trying to help Rob get back into shape, but if she thinks obesity is a problem that can be solved with one five-week training program, she may be in for a shock.

Many are already questioning Blac’s motives in getting engaged to Rob after less than three months of dating, and if he had to promise to lose weight as part of the deal, well, that’s kinda messed up. 

Also, Blac is in the midst of an ugly custody battle, and she was recently arrested for being drunk and disorderly at an Austin, Texas airport, so she may not be in a position to enter a relationship with someone she deems a fixer-upper. 

Look, at the end of the day, it’s great that Rob wants to lose weight, but instead of basing his relationship on his fiancee’s ability to improve him, maybe it would be better if he just hired a personal trainer.

The guy dropped $325,000 on Blac’s engagement ring; we’re pretty sure he could afford it.