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It’s been almost three months since Briana Jungwirth gave birth Louis Tomlinson’s son, and for the most part they’ve been able to co-parent amicably.

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Sure, there was a brief Louis vs. Briana custody battle, but that was to be expected, considering these two had nothing in writing with regard to dividing little Freddie’s time between their two homes.

Ever since that matter was settled, Louis and Briana have reportedly been on the best of terms with one another.

In fact, several sources are reporting that the exes are so close they’re once again honing their baby-making skills together.

Sure, Louis is dating Danielle Campbell, but according to a bunch of British tabloids (not the most reliable sources, we know), it’s an open relationship, and Louis is allowed to snog and shag whomever he fancies.

Those same rubbish rags go on to claim that Briana is already planning baby number two, and that she and Danielle are bopth just beards meant to distract from Louis’ gay relationship with Harry Styles.

So yeah, everything they say should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

The whole "Larry" (Louis plus Harry) theory doesn’t even make sense, really.

Why would he need multiple beards? This is One Direction we’re talking about, not Duck Dynasty.

In conclusion, Louis is most likely still banging both Briana and Danielle, but not planning on a second baby just yet. The defense rests.