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1D singer Louis Tomlinson believes that Briana Jungwirth, his pretty baby mama, has gotten greedy and is using their son as collateral.

Briana Jungwirth, Louis Tomlinson

According to Tomlinson, Jungwirth is not letting him see their kid … and is has nothing to do with Louis trying to bang Perrie Edwards.

Or the Briana Jungwirth sex tape, for that matter. But anyway …

To hear him tell it, the couple’s one-month-old son, Freddie Reign, is being used as leverage to score Briana a much bigger payday.

Even though the two dated only briefly and were not even together at the time the pregnancy went public, it’s a surprising turn of events.

Louis recently got Briana a three-bedroom home in Calabasas, while he’s renting one in L.A. to be close to and help co-parent Freddie. 

TMZ says he hasn’t even gotten a DNA test because he believes there’s no doubt he’s the dad, as they dated exclusively, albeit briefly.

In other words, it all seemed as amicable as you could hope for.

No longer. He is taking her to court over custodial rights – more significant access to his son – which he’s apparently not getting now.

Stay tuned … for the next episode of 1D baby mama drama.