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There’s nothing like being punished for your talents.

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This season, partners Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd are the least popular cast members on the set, primarily because of their high scores.

Next week, the celebs will switch partners, which is kind of freaking the America’s Next Top Model winner out.

"The other guys on set used to just shun Nyle, but it has gotten to the point where they are just flat-out rude now!" a source told Radar Online.

"No one even tries to engage with him anymore. Granted, he is deaf, but they used to all at least just say ‘hello’ or tell him that he was doing a great job. There is no longer any of that going on."

Muratroyd is even butting heads with Val Chmerkovskiy, her fiance’s younger brother, "because he told Maksim that Peta was getting too emotionally attached to Nyle," the source added.

"There is so much drama right now because Peta is constantly fighting with her castmates because it seems like they are all out to get Nyle."

So, everyone’s acting like a child/celebrity.

"Nyle’s competitors are trying to shut him down," the source explained

"He is the strongest competitor right now and because of that he is getting a lot of heat from the other dancers.

"Peta is being fiercely protective over Nyle because she has to be.  She has a lot invested in this and in him. Everyone is trying to start sh*t with the both of them and it is just making Nyle work harder. He is in it to win it."

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