Louis Tomlinson: Cheating on Briana Jungwirth With Danielle Campbell?!

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It's been five months since we learned that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth are expecting a baby, but after all that time, we're still not clear on what's going on with their relationship.

We've heard reports that Louis and Briana are living together, but we've also heard they're just friends with baby-making benefits.

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Whatever the case, Louis has apparently Briana left behind to pursue a relationship with The Originals actress Danielle Campbell (above right).

Several sources have claimed that Louis is cheating on Briana with Danielle, but for that to be true, Louis and Briana would have to be dating, and all signs seem to indicate that they are not.

For example, Louis and Danielle have reportedly been spotted on several dates at pap-friendly hot spots in and around Hollywood. That's not the behavior of a couple that's trying to keep things on the down-low.

If these two were trying to keep from being found out, they'd probably go to Louis' flat, watch The Originals online, have a spot of tea and then shag.

Are we doing this British slang thing correctly?

Anyway, are Louis and Danielle gettin' it on? Probably. Is Louis cheating? Probably not? Does Briana care? Almost certainly not, so long as those massive child support checks arrive when they're supposed to.

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