Jay Z: PISSED at Beyonce Over "Lemonade" Lyrics?!

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In case you somehow missed it, Beyonce released Lemonade - her surprise "visual album" - over the weekend and the whole world proceeded to lose it's freaking mind.

Beyonce at Halftime

The fact that the album is pretty solid musically has been overshadowed by the drama surrounding its release (It briefly looked as though only Tidal subscribers would have access to the full tracklist.) and especially its lyrics.

Obviously, Queen Bey is no stranger to controversy following the minefield surrounding "Formation," but despite its innocuous title "Lemonade" is somehow kicking up even more dust.

In addition to the usual hand-wringing from cultural conservatives (Piers Morgan just asked Twitter if white people are allowed to listen to the album.), there's been a veritable uprising from Mrs. Carter's most obsessive fans (commonly referred to as "the Bey Hive") over lyrics that seem to suggest the singer's, rap legend Jay Z, was unfaithful.

Bey hasn't responded to claims that she called Jay out for cheating but based on some of the more revelatory lines from her latest release, she may not have to.


At first it was reported that Jay was cool with the lyrics, but now several insiders are claiming that the hip hop icon is not happy about his marital strife playing out on a public stage. 

“Jay Z is not on board with Beyonce’s new album,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“He hates the direction that her music is taking. Jay Z honestly feels like he is the reason that Beyonce has become so famous.”

It seems Jay is upset not only that his wife is venting her frustrations with their marriage in her music, but also with the fact that Bey is a bigger part of the national cultural conversation than ever, while he hasn't had a major release since 2013's Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“The tables have turned in their marriage and her recent success is just driving them further apart,” the insider says.

“She resents him for so many things right now.”

Right now, it looks as though there's no truth to the rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z are in the process of divorcing, but it certainly seems there's plenty of trouble in what was once regarded as one of Hollywood's most stable marriages.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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