Beyonce "Lemonade" Lyrics: She Said WHAT?!?

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We've already taken a look at memorable GIFs from the Beyonce HBO special, "Lemonade."

But most fans are focused on the content of the songs on this record, even more than on the beautiful images that were featured on said special. 

How many times did Beyonce reference alleged cheating by Jay Z? With Rachel Roy, perhaps?

Let the guessing games begin, as you click through the most mysterious/cryptic/interesting lyrics off "Lemonade" below:

1. Beware My Wrath

Beware My Wrath
Just give my fat ass a big kiss, boy/Tonight I’m fucking up all your sh-t, boy, this is your final warning/You know I give you life/If you try this sh*t again you gon’ lose your wife.

2. In Spoken Word:

In Spoken Word:
So what are you going to say at my funeral now that you've killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted.

3. Something. Is. Not. Right.

Something. Is. Not. Right.
Something don’t feel right because it ain’t right, especially coming up after midnight. I smell your secrets and I’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless. How did it come down to this, going through your call list?. I don’t wanna lose my pride but I’ma f-ck me up a bitch.

4. Where is He?!?

Where is He?!?
Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home. Today I regret the night I put that ring on. He always got them f-cking excuses.

5. A Reference to Rachel Roy?!?

A Reference to Rachel Roy?!?
He only want me when I'm not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.

6. Daddy/Husband Issues?

Daddy/Husband Issues?
You remind me of my father, a magician… able to exist in two places at once. In the tradition of men in my blood, you come home at 3 a.m. and lie to me. What are you hiding? The past and the future merge to meet us here. What luck. What a f-cking curse.

7. If You Want To Keep Me...

If You Want To Keep Me...
Show me your scars and I won't walk away...every promise don't work out that way.

8. Pretty Straightforward Here:

Pretty Straightforward Here:
Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks.

9. Change is ... Bad?

Change is ... Bad?
I tried to change, closed my mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less awake. Fasted for 60 days, wore white, abstained from mirrors, abstained from sex, slowly did not speak another word.

10. Well... Are You?!?

Well... Are You?!?
I grew thickened skin on my feet I bathed in bleach and plugged my menses with pages from the holy book, but still inside me, coiled deep, was the need to know…are you cheating on me?

11. I Stand Strong

I Stand Strong
My grandma said nothing real can be threatened. True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption. And my torture became my remedy.

12. To All the MARRIED Ladies:

To All the MARRIED Ladies:
Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye. Tell him, boy, bye, middle fingers up. I ain't thinking ‘bout you.

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