13 Awesome Internet Reactions to Beyonce's "Lemonade"

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This much we know:

Beyonce still rules the universe, as evidenced by the reaction to her new album, "Lemonade.

This much most people assume, based on the lyrics in many songs off this album:

Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, possibly with a friend named Rachel Roy.

And this much we go back and forth on:

The Internet can be hilarious. Consider the following memes that have made the online rounds ever since this chatter about this scandal sky-rocketed to Kim Kardashian sex tape levels:

1. 99 Problems?

99 Problems?
Plus one more now for Jay Z.

2. Who Were You Calling Crazy?!?

Who Were You Calling Crazy?!?
Just call me a protective sister instead, please.

3. Et Tu, Kobe Bryant?

Et Tu, Kobe Bryant?
What do you have to say about this?

4. Meet Becky with the Good Hair

Meet Becky with the Good Hair
The one, only and forever.

5. This Explains EVERYthing!

This Explains EVERYthing!
Or at least one thing.

6. What Do I Do Now?!?

What Do I Do Now?!?
Probably just lay low for awhile, man.

7. Side Piece vs. Side Dish

Side Piece vs. Side Dish
There is a VERY big difference.

8. It's An Angry Mob!

It's An Angry Mob!
And they're coming for Jay Z!

9. Are You Sure About This?

Are You Sure About This?
Isn't there another way to sell your record, Beybe?

10. Game. Set. Match.

Game. Set. Match.
I told you I'd win in the end.

11. Bye Becky

Bye Becky
Take off that shirt now, Taylor!

12. Just Checking Me Phone...

Just Checking Me Phone...
... oh, you really did release that album, huh?

13. ... And There's 100!

... And There's 100!
Why did I ever write that song about my problems?!?

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