12 Bey-riffic GIFs from the Beyonce HBO Special

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This is Beyonce's world. The rest of us just live in it.

On Saturday night, HBO premiered a special titled "Lemonade," in which the Queen Bey dropped new music on fans and actually teased a few problems in her marriage.

But she also included throwback clips of her family to prove that things are A-OK and left the only sort of impression that Beyonce can leave:

An amazing one.

Her new album is available now on Tidal and here's a look at a bunch of GIFs that will help remind you why everyone needs to bow down at the throne of Queen Bey. At all times, really.

1. Beyonce in Lemonade

Beyonce in Lemonade
Beyonce came out with bats blazing for her "Lemonade" special on HBO. It's her world. We just live in it.

2. There Goes Beyonce

There Goes Beyonce
Beyonce takes a leap of faith in this GIF from her "Lemonade" special on HBO.

3. Beyonce Rules HBO

Beyonce Rules HBO
Beyonce has released the summer jam of 2016. Check out her in action via this GIF from her "Lemonade" special.

4. Beyonce Says a Prayer

Beyonce Says a Prayer
Submerged under water, Beyonce says a prayer in this GIF from her amazing special on HBO.

5. Sasha FIERCE!

Beyonce brought out the fierce side of her personality at one point in her HBO special, "Lemonade."

6. I'll Drive

I'll Drive
When it comes to the world of music, is there any doubt that Beyonce always has the keys?

Wait! There's more Bey-riffic GIFs from the Beyonce HBO Special! Just click "Next" below:

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