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Rumors about Beyonce and Jay Z getting divorced have been around for as long as the two biggest named in the hip hop/R&B world have been married.

But lately they’ve been more persistent than ever, and in what may be a telling sign, the couple has done nothing to refute the claims that they’re ready to call it quits.

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Radar Online is reporting today that Jay and Beyonce are living in separate homes and seem to have no contact with one another these days.

“Jay Z recently told his entire staff that he will not be needing them for another month," says one insider. "He said that he has to take care of business and has a lot of traveling to do."

It’s an odd time for Hov to be spending time alone, as Bey is about to embark on a tour that will have her away from home for several for months.

“As Beyonce prepares for her upcoming tour, Jay Z said that he is going to use the time to take care of his own business," says the source.

This comes on the heels of reports that the couple has been engaging in screaming matches so loud that they wake the neighbors.

Insiders add that in the weeks before the couple took their leave of one another, Jay and Beyonce had been sleeping in separate rooms for several weeks.