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Oh, that Tyga, he’s such a little tramp.

Last week we saw him fondle the buns of his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, but could he have been picturing his ex Blac Chyna the whole time?

Tyga in NYC
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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna return from Jamaica
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A new rumor has surfaced claiming that the rapper secretly pines for his baby mama, can’t stand the thought of her with Rob Kardashian and is just dying to win her back.

“Blac’s bragging to friends that Tyga’s still in love with her and that the sight of her and Rob together is driving him crazy!” an insider told Radar Online.

If that’s the case, he must be seething, because Blac and Rob are constantly sharing pics of each other to social media.

“It’s true that Tyga hates Rob spending time with his kid [King Cairo] and he’s always had a soft spot for Blac,” the source continued.

But Tyga’s not just stewing in his head, he reportedly keeps texting Blac and the two are in "constant communication" while both Kylie and Rob are none the wiser.

“She and Tyga text and talk a lot — they’re on much better terms than people think,” said the source.

If Kylie and Rob didn’t know previously, they sure do now! Oh, hey!

It’s no secret that Kylie and Tyga have had their share of ups and downs, particularly due to Tyga’s alleged constant cheating.

“If he and Kylie can’t work out their problems, a lot of Tyga’s friends are convinced he and Blac will get straight back together.”

Somehow, we don’t see that happening. Both Tyga and Blac are far more famous for their associations with the Kardashians/Jenners than they were in their own right.

If they got back together they’d likely just fall back into the black hole of obscurity – one that no one will bother looking into.