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Oh, Miley. We knew she wasn’t ready for marriage, anyway.

Old Flames
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And now it seems she doesn’t have a choice, because alleged fiance Liam Hemsworth allegedly called off their engagement after he caught Miley sexting an ex, according to InTouch.

How’d he find out? Well, it was the old send-a-naughty-pic-to-the-wrong-person snafu that did her in.

Yep, Miley wasn’t so wily when she accidently sent a naked photo with a sexy message to Liam that was clearly meant for her ex Stella Maxwell

While Miley and the Victoria’s Secret model broke up last year, the two evidently have a "really strong connection" that isn’t so easily broken.

“[Miley’s] been texting Stella for a few weeks — they stay up all night sending messages,” a source told the magazine.

Nevertheless, the singer is still trying to hold on to Liam and doesn’t want her indiscretion to affect their engagement. She reportedly apologized to the Hunger Games star and promised to do whatever it takes to win him back.

“Miley also admitted to meeting up with Stella, but she swore to Liam that it was just innocent flirting," continued the source.

Unfortunately for Miley, Liam’s not so gullible.

"Liam didn’t believe her. They fought and he told her to take the ring off. After only a few months of being back together, it’s already coming to an end.”

Such a shame. Miley is said to have completely changed her personality and ditch her kooky ways in order to become Liam’s wifey, but it looks like this leopard’s spots are pretty steadfast.