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It’s been over a year since we first learned that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating, and to the surprise of no one who’s familiar with Taylor’s dating M.O., they’ve been moving at breakneck speed since day one.

In fact, many expected that we’d get an engagement announcement on Taylor and Calvin’s first anniversary.

Obviously, that never happened, but don’t be surprised if there are wedding bells in their future just the same:

Sources close to Taylor tell the UK’s Grazia magazine that they expect the couple to walk down the aisle sometime in the next year:

“Before meeting Calvin she’d completely sworn off men and was focusing on her career,” says one source.

“The last thing she wanted was to get involved with another high-profile man but they just clicked. This is the most secure Taylor has ever felt.

"It’s not been easy getting there after everything she’s been through with her previous boyfriends but Calvin has proved over the last year that he’s The One.”

Taylor spent Christmas with Calvin’s family, and the insider says they "sealed the deal" over the holidays.

It’s not clear if that means he put a ring on it, or if Taylor just made him wait a year to get it in, however.

In any event, the source claims the only question that remains is, when will these two exchange vows?

"Who knows how they’d find the time to plan a wedding,” the insider says.

“They had to move mountains to make their holiday work and their hectic schedules are a challenging obstacle when it comes to finding time for each other."

"But for now, as far as friends are concerned it’s not a case of if, but when.”

Yes, a Taylor wedding is on the way.

So if you were thinking of renting a horse with unicorn horn anytime in the next year, you can just forget it!