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The title of highest-paid Housewife NeNe Leakes has changed hands several times over the years, but if the latest news about NeNe Leakes’ newest contract is true, then Queen NeNe may be reigning supreme for quite some time.

Nay Nay

There have been reports of NeNe being "forced" to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but with the amount of cash producers are offering up, we doubt they had to do much arm-twisting.

According to Radar Online, there are still some details to iron out, but NeNe is on the verge of signing a deal for $2.5 million a season, which would make her by far the most well-compensated Housewife in the franchise.

“NeNe is always a ratings plus for the show,” an insider tells the site. “And the producers want to make sure the show stays strong. The reason it stays strong is NeNe, so they’re throwing money at her.”

The deal would bring NeNe a $500,000 pay raise. That’s more than most Housewives make in a season, but producers feel Ms. Leakes is worth it, as RHOA suffered lackluster ratings this season – except when NeNe made a cameo.

“Kim [Fields] was not good,” the source says. “The show needed NeNe to make her interesting, and they know that.”

Unfortunately for the network, NeNe is no slouch at the bargaining table:

“NeNe always holds out for as much money as she can get,” the insider claims. “She will string the Bravo people along forever in order to cash in. She’s no dummy.”

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