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Justin Bieber fans may or may not love this news.

The controversial pop star just poked a hole in his perfectly angelic face with a new nose piercing. 

Justin Bieber nose ring

Luckily it’s on the side, not in the septum, so he doesn’t look like a tortured bull getting ready to charge a crimson flag.

Biebs posted the photo above to Instagram, forgoing a caption and letting his visage speak for itself.

However, this is actually the second pic the singer shared.

In the first pic, which was later deleted, the nose ring is displayed in a far more prominent fashion – and on the other side of his face.

Justin Bieber shows off nose ring

Someone obviously did a 180-degree image flip.

Justin’s look has become increasingly edgy over the past couple years.

He keeps adding more tats and his hair has gone from adorably mussy to clean-cut to this now bleached-and-fried, overgrown broom that rests atop his scalp.

Funny, because he wasn’t even a Disney star.

But he was a child star, and when child stars turn of legal age (and oftentimes before), an internal alarm goes off, alerting them to shed their wholesome image and prove to the world that THEY ARE GROWN AND CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

It’s true, he IS an adult, and he’s even kinda-sorta started to act like one of late, save for the whole getting-kicked-out-of-Mexican-ruins-for-dropping-trou bit earlier this year.

But if the rumors of Kourtney Kardashian being pregnant with his child have any validity to them, the Biebs better start acting like a real grown up real fast.

Kourt just got rid of one man-child slash baby-daddy when she kicked Scott Disick to the curb last year.

We’re pretty sure (read: we hope like hell) she’s not looking for a new one.