Justin Bieber Gets the Boot from Mexican Ruins

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Oh, Justin Bieber.

We really thought you had cleaned up your act and had decided to just focus on your love life for awhile.

Justin Bieber Sits on Stairs

But while the singer has been busy allegedly hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian and has definitely been kissing Hailey Baldwin, he's still somehow found time to act like a doofus again.

South of the border this time.

According to TMZ insiders, the artist and his friends were acting like obnoxious tourists on Thursday when visiting some Mayan ruins in Cancun.

While taking in the sights of the famous Tulum pyramids, initial reports indicated that Bieber ran afoul of the temple gods when he pulled down his pants and actually mooned those below him.

It's now unclear, however, whether or not this actually took place.

But we can confirm that local authorities were called to the scene by employees who were upset that Bieber and his entourage were walking around with open bottles of beer.

The crew left before police arrives, but not before cursing off the staff members.

Bieber should maybe make it a point to avoid famous landmarks going forward.

Remember when he was widely mocked to having security guards carry him up the Great Wall of China?

Here's a reminder of that incident:

Carrying Bieber

And remember when Bieber said he hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber when he visited her famous home in Amsterdam?

Jus go back to bedding hotties, Biebs.

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