Leah Messer SLAMS MTV Editors in Epic Twitter Rant!

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Leah Messer had a craptastic week. Even by her standards.

Fans came at her like fanged animals after she was seen denying her daughters breakfast during an episode of Teen Mom 2.

Leah Messer makes a face

In the scene, she was portrayed in a highly unfavorable light. 

To put it mildly. First, five-year-old Aleeah complained, "I'm cold, and I don't have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast."

Matters were made worse when Leah quipped back by saying, "I’m not cooking breakfast when we already have to get up at 5 o’clock.”

The reality star later defended herself shortly thereafter.

Her daughter, Leah said, was being a "drama queen," while the kids have their morning meal as soon as they get to school. So chill.

Unfortunately, the PR damage had already been done.

After hearing it from a growing chorus of critics, Leah is once again accusing MTV of crafty editing to make her out to be a monster.

Due to Twitter's 140-per-tweet character limit, her rant was spread out over 13 posts, but we've pieced them together here for your reading pleasure.

She first responded to a supportive fan, who wrote the following:

"There is no amount of money that could make me continue filming after the way people bash @TM2LeahDawn ... Idk why she does it ... #teamleah"

This was Leah's response:

"My point exactly. It's so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn't enough.

"I DID hit rock bottom but I come out of it and I was willing to air it ALL because if just ONE person watched and reached out for HELP even when they feel so ALONE that's all I cared about because I could NEVER imagine ANYONE feeling the pain, hurt, depression AND anxiety that I WAS suffering from.

"It would break my heart! I wanted to bring awareness and HELP others and if MTV couldn't share that then I will do it on my own the way God wants me to!!!!

"As hard as it was to go through. I know there's reasoning why I went through it. AND It hurts to feel BETRAYED by the ones I THOUGHT I could trust with my story.

"It goes to show you how 'THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD' really is and I guess everyone will see where I REALLY am starting EPISODE 4. #SUCHASHAME when others that is suffering could ALREADY be reaching out for help.

"It just BREAKS MY HEART!!! It's NOT okay but I KNOW that I am NOW in such a AMAZING place and I LOVE YOU ALL!

"I hope to continue to share my story but I REFUSE to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a NETWORK!"

We all know how reality TV works. They take hours of footage then pick out the juiciest parts that tell the story most likely to attract viewers, and sadly for Teen Mom, that usually means portraying the stars as incompetent parents.

We're just surprised that Leah doesn't know this by now. She's been part of the franchise for years, and that's pretty much the drill.

The difference may be that in the past, she truly WAS a hot holy mess, and now she's trying hard to clean up her act.

Shows like Teen Mom are referred to as "trainwreck programming" because audiences love to watch people with screwed-up lives.

MTV couldn't give a damn about drumming up compassion for its stars - or even depicting some semblance of their reality. It's all about ratings.

We're not saying Leah shouldn't be mad, but if she doesn't want her actions scrutinized by millions of citizens, she may want to consider bowing out of the show, because it's unlikely to change.

Oh, but that paycheck, though!

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