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Dare to dream, Skourtney fans.

Scott Disick: Don't Turn Away From Pleasure GIF

On March 28th, Kourtney Kardashian shared a snapchat with fans featuring the one and only Scott Disick, father to her three children.

“Hey, so we wanted you guys to hear it first … we are getting back together,” Disick joked, laying a big smooch on Kardashian’s cheek.

“No!” a giggling Kardashian told fans, later clarifying that they aren’t an item, but they are family.

"By the way, everyone relax," Kardashian said.

"We have three kids together, we spend time together.”

Disick went on Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O the next day to set the record straight on where he stands with Kardashian.

“I don’t think anything is ever simple. I’m not the first person in the world to get separated from their significant other,” Disick told the hosts.

“There are things we both have to work on. … We’re at a good place, [but] I don’t think either of us want anymore than where we’re at," he explained.

“I don’t really rule anything out.  If things are meant to be, maybe they will be.”

Disick and Kardashian split up in July after nine years together, and the New York native has had a hard go of it since, completing a rehab stint and being spotted with a string of girls.

Now, though, it looks like things are looking up.

"On the happiness scale, I’m in the 5, 6, 7 range,” he told the Aussies.