Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Custody Wars and Kidnapping

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Last night on Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 2, Jenelle Evans actually tried to charge her ex-fiance with kidnapping their young son.

This would be shocking if we were talking about anyone not named Jenelle Evans. But that's not even the craziest thing that went down ...

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you are keenly aware of the ... intense history between Jenelle and her former partner Nathan Griffith.

Well, the drama was ramped up to a new level this week when Jenelle let son Kaiser spend time with Nathan's mother. What happened?

Nathan came over, then took the kid to Boston, sending Evans into a panic (and into a blinding rage). The Carolina Hurricane ranted:

"I feel like my son has been taken from me, like I'm never gonna get my son back. I really feel like my son has been kidnapped somewhere."

Worse yet? Nathan's girlfriend cut Kaiser's hair.

"That's his first haircut, and I wanna be there for that. I want to take pictures and stuff. Don't touch my child's f--king hair," Jenelle said.

"Jessica cut his f--king hair. Look at his bangs. Cut my f--king child's hair? Really? She's a f--king hairstylist, Tori. I'm so heated right now." 

Making things worse, Jenelle couldn't file a complaint against Nathan or Jessica due to not having a written custody agreement in place.

Jenelle ended up calling Nathan to proclaim that he would see her in court ... ironic, since she was later arrested for assaulting Jessica.

Meanwhile, over in South Dakota, Chelsea Houska was getting ALL THE FEELS about a potential proposal from beau Cole DeBoer.

"I feel like I'm gonna know if it's gonna happen," the mother of Aubree said, and if Cole did ask her to marry him, "I'd probably say yes."

So cute, but there's the Adam Lind factor.

Chelsea's deadbeat ex wants more time with their little girl, and says he can drive now (way to go, dude). He has a license and everything!

The Housk responded by taking the train wreck to court for more child support, saying, "I guarantee he's gonna have a bitch fit about this."

Does feel like a safe bet with Adam Lind.

Back on the East Coast, Kailyn Lowry's husband Javi Marroquin announced that he might be deployed overseas for six whole months.

"With me possibly leaving, I just wanna make sure I spend my free time with the ones I care about and enjoy," Marroquin told Lowry.

And not seeing those he doesn't.

"I'm not really worried about dinner with Jo and Vee," he said, referring to her previous baby daddy Jo Rivera and his GF Vee Torres.

Jo and Vee, meanwhile, welcomed their own bundle of joy this week, and the little girl triggered a major case of baby fever ... for Javi.

Condoms, guys. Condoms.

Finally, in the closing moments, Leah Messer lost custody to Corey Simms after a drawn-out battle for control over the former couple's twins.

"This is what's gonna build [the twins] to be a mature adult that's gonna succeed in life, that's gonna go places," Corey said, celebrating.

"I want them to talk about college ... I'm tickled pink that it happened," Simms gushed after he was named the girls' primary caretaker.

We didn't get to see her reaction to the moment of truth, but earlier, she admitted, "I just have a lot of fear of the future and what it holds."

The court seems to agree, and although she has turned things around lately, there are still some real concerns about Leah's parenting.

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