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On Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11, Maddie Ziegler ended up nominated for a big People’s Choice Award … with interesting results.

Also, the mothers got really pissed at Abby Lee Miller again. We know. If you watch Dance Moms online, that has to just STUN you.

Watch Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11 Online
Watch Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11 Online

Picking up after the horror show that was last week, Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11 saw all the attention focused on young Maddie.

What else is new, right?

"Oh my god, my daughter is just – she’s a star!" Maddie’s mom Melissa says, after she won the People’s Choice Award she was up for?

"Maddie didn’t even think she had a chance among these huge celebrities," she added, and well, that means she’s a celeb too now.

That implicit humble brag underscores the fact that there will be a lot of pressure on Maddie from here on out, which isn’t lost on Abby:

"Now that Maddie is a household name, everyone will be looking at her to make a mistake. It’s my job to make sure her dancing is perfection."

Of course, Melissa brings the award to the studio with her, placing it right where the moms sit. Talk about a passive-aggressive move.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Maddie will be leaving the show after five seasons, and confirmed this fact hours before the episode aired.

While it was long-rumored that this year would see Maddie Ziegler leaving Dance Moms, it was the first time she’s addressed the rumor.

"I am leaving, but it’ll be a good thing because we’re moving on to cool things,” she said, acknowledging her gratitude for Abby Lee."

Dance Moms propelled her to fame, but three Sia music videos – "Chandelier," "Elastic Heart" and "Big Girls Cry" – took it to a new level.

She is also starring in Sister, a movie written and directed by Sia, and will be a judge on the new season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Will you miss Maddie?

Of course you will. The bigger question is whether the show needs her to go on, or whether it’s reached its natural expiration date as is.