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Maddie Ziegler is going from the small screen to the big screen.

And leaving the world’s worst human being behind.

Abby and Maddie Ziegler

Indeed, Abby Lee Miller will officially be without her star pupil next year – while those who watch Dance Moms online will have to do so without Ziegler gracing their screens – because an impressive opportunity has come along for the 13-year old.

According to TMZ, Ziegler is departing the Lifetime reality show that made her (somewhat) famous in order to appear in the film The Book of Henry.

Ziegler will make $20,000 for her role in this movie.

And she’ll star opposite an array of big names, from Naomi Watts to Sarah Silverman to Bobby Moynihan to child actor Jacob Tremblay, who has become a child star in his own right due to his role in Room.

Maddie started dancing at the Abby Lee Dance Company when she was only four years old, quickly rising to fame on Dance Moms Season 1. 

But it’s become apparent over the past several months that her future lay far beyond reality television, with artist Sia Furler casting Maddie music videos for “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry."

We first reported on Ziegler exiting the series back in December.

It now appears to be official, however, leaving us to only hope that Lifetime responds by canceling the program and the public never having to hear from Abby Lee Miller ever again.

She’s an attention-hungry bully who sucks a lot.