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Back in August of 2014, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence began to circulate online, much to the actress’ shock and chagrin.

Shortly thereafter, private, explicit photos of dozens of other young female celebrities were leaked, signaling the start of an event that Internet users, with their usual, cheeky sense of humor, dubbed "The Fappening."

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Now, TMZ is reporting that after an 18-month investigation, authorities have finally apprehended one of the main masterminds behind one the shocking security breach.

Insiders say Collins, a resident of Lancaster, PA has already pled guilty to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, admitting to breaking into the computers, smart phones and hard drives of more than 100 people, at least 18 of them celebrities.

Collins allegedly manipulated Apple iCloud and Gmail accounts using a sophisticated phishing scheme.

The hacking reportedly took place between November 1, 2012 and September 4, 2014.

There’s no word yet on why Collins released the photos when he did, or whether or not he worked alone.

Collins could face up to five years in prison, but insiders say he’s already working out a plea deal, and will probably only serve 18 months.

At this time, none of the actresses involved in the hack have spoken publicly about the arrest.