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Monday night on MTV’s Teen Mom O.G., a whole lot of drama went down with the fab four, but Matt Baier’s past took center stage …

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When Teen Mom Season 12 Episode 6 got underway, Gary Shirley decided to do some sleuthing and dropped a BOMB on Amber.

Those who watch Teen Mom online know that Amber Portwood’s fiance is much older and started off as … a fan. It’s a tad unconventional.

Well, there may be more to it than that, too. According to Gary’s detective work, Matt Baier has a lot of kids. We’re talking a lot a lot.

Not two, not three. Amber’s fiance has seven children from five different women, and Shirley is a little uneasy about this fact.

"He moved to Indiana for some girl, but he has seven kids at home that he probably ain’t seeing like he should," Gary complained.

"And then he wants to come and father my kid? Man, come on."

Amber’s response: "You should talk to me, or you should talk to him before you do something like this in front of the cameras."

"Everybody in the world will think something else. Now I’m gonna have to prove, in front of millions of people. This is ridiculous."

Maybe so about how Gary handled it, but are his facts wrong?

Matt Baier clammed up pretty quickly, then told the MTV staff to "Get the f–k out of my house. Get your s–t, and don’t come back."

MTV aired audio from inside Amber’s house after the camera crew got the boot, and Portwood definitely didn’t let him off the hook.

"If you have that many kids, then you’re a deadbeat father. I don’t know about half that s–t. I thought I did," she tore into her fiance.

"F–k with me, and watch what happens to your life."

The next day, Amber broke down crying to an MTV producer, "I wanna believe the man who I’ve been with," she explained.

"But if it’s true, then I’m just gonna look like a naive little girl, and it breaks my heart. ‘Cause I don’t love a lot of people, and I love him."

"But if it is true, I’m gonna feel really stupid."

"I’m breaking," she added. "I just want my kid, and I just wanna be happy with her. I don’t even care about anything else."

To be continued, though it doesn’t look like Amber and Matt have called it quits, and they’re still on track for an October wedding.

No word on how Gary feels about that.

Elsewhere, Tyler Baltierra’s mom began to notice signs that Catelynn Lowell might be suffering from postpartum depression.

Cate denied that she is, saying "That’s just ridiculous, I think. No, I definitely don’t have postpartum. I would know, for sure."

"I’ve struggled with depression – I know what that feels like. And I’m on antidepressants. Sometimes, I just need a break."

Tyler ended up agreeing to spend more time with their baby girl Nova, so hopefully Cate will get the breaks she deserves.

Down in Farrah Abraham Land, she decided to let her parents take care of Sophia while she was in England on business.

Sounds nice, yes? Well, naturally, this rapidly devolved into a situation in which Farrah threatened to exile her mom and dad:

"It seems like there’s something plotted against me, so that when I’m gone, people can just do whatever the f–k they want."

Fortunately, Abraham’s therapist got real:

"I wonder if your life would be a little easier, for all involved, if you didn’t have such high standards. A more realistic set of expectations.

"They are forfeiting jobs and moving across the country to support you," she told Farrah. "Why can you not focus on that?"

(Because she’s Farrah. Obviously.)

Finally, Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout got along better than ever at Bentley’s birthday party, and it’s all because … Ryan is single.

"He’s completely different when he has a girlfriend," Maci said. "We take a family picture of the three of us every year on [Bentley’s] birthday."

"We don’t have one from last year because Shelby wouldn’t let him, and got mad about it. We just need to find Ryan a girlfriend who’s cool."

Gotta love Ryan Edwards, though. Why?

He still talks to Shelby, and sort of wants her, but won’t tell Maci about this situation "’cause I think it’ll just cause drama." 

Instead, he will tell … MTV cameras.