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Virile. If viewers watch Teen Mom online next week, chances are that this is how they will sum up Matt Baier from that point forward.

Baier, Amber Portwood’s fiance and former ​Teen Mom superfan, is much older than the reality star, and has had an … interesting past.

At least according to Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley.

The couple, who share custody of daughter Leah, 7, have had a tense and volatile past, but have moved on somewhat amicably lately.

In a sneak peek from Monday’s episode, however, Shirley, 29, drops a major bombshell on Amber, 25, pertaining to her future spouse.

“Why are you coming outside? You never come outside,” Portwood says after Gare Bear steps out as she drops off their daughter.

He says that he just has to show her something, which she says is “not happening” until he presents her with a document.

"It’s nothing between you and I,” he explains.

“But I’m giving this to you. I don’t know if you’re aware, but this is coming up … do you know how many kids [your fiance] has?”

Portwood replies that yes, she knows Baier has two kids. Shirley shakes his head and says Baier has more than that. By FIVE.

Looking at the names on the sheet of paper she’s just been gifted, Portwood insists, “That’s not his kids. I’ve talked to his exes.”

“OK, well, they’re hitting him for child support,” Shirley says.

Is he right? Does he have any right to dig into Matt’s past?

And most important of all … how does Amber react to the allegation that Matt Baier has seven kids? Check out the sneak peek below: