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Much to the chagrin of Michael Phelps and many of his most rabid fans, Taylor Lianne Chandler seems to have no intention of fading back into obscurity.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Picture

In case you’re not familiar, Chandler and Phelps briefly dated just prior to his 2014 DUI arrest.

Shortly after he left rehab, Phelps got engaged to Nicole Johnson and cut off all contact with Chandler.

In November of 2015, Phelps and Johnson revealed that they’re expecting a baby boy.

Despite the fact that Phelps is clearly intent on moving on from the chapter of his life that included his romance with Taylor, his ex has remained in the spotlight, both due to her new business ventures (Chandler starred in a porn that referenced her relationship with Phelps, and she has another on the way) and her sometimes hostile relationship with Phelps’ fans.

Chandler addressed the latter in a recent Facebook tirade which also featured some heavy criticism of Phelps and his fiancee:

"[The fans] support a lying, cheating, womanizing, man and a woman that enabled him while cheating on her own man at the time," Chandler.

"Then they spin this fictional love story and she solidifies her future with a baby out of wedlock at the most inopportune time imaginable!

"But I’m the bad guy for reacting to being lied to and cheated on and my whole world being turned upside down because of one man’s decision to drink and drive."

"People that have no involvement with him or I but choose to tell me how I’m wrong for how I dealt with what he did to me. The worst part is that Twitter does nothing to stop their constant online hate campaign."

Yes, it seems the ongoing feud between TLC and the fans of Phelps shows no sign of letting up. 

Meanwhile, poor Nicole Johnson remains stuck in the middle of this. 

We’re not taking sides here. Just sayin’ – this is probably not how she pictured life as an expectant mom.