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Back in 2011, Charlie Sheen had a meltdown.

We don’t mean he stormed off set one day or lost his temper during an interview. No, Sheen’s tiger blood-fueled media rampage was the stuff of legend, and it’s widely considered to be one of the most baffling and entertaining career suicides in Hollywood history. And now Chuckles is finally what caused the whole thing:

Charlie Sheen Co-Hosts Extra
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“It was a lot of highs and lows. I was taking a lot of testosterone cream, and I think I went too far with it," Sheen tells Dr. oz in an interview scheduled to air tomorrow.

"It was kind of like a borderline…not a ’roid rage, but a ’roid disengage.”

"’Roid disengage." Not as catchy as "winning," or even "warlock rockstar from Mars," but a solid new addition to the dictionary of Sheen-isms, nonetheless.

As you may recall, Sheen paid a visit to Dr. Oz last month, at which time he revealed that he’s no longer taking his HIV medication on the advice of a controversial doctor who claims to have cured the disease.

So it looks like Charlie doesn’t need testosterone cream in order to make really bad decisions.

For other examples, see his recent threat to cut off Denise Richards’ head.

You’re one of a kind, Charlie. And that’s probably a very good thing.