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On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom: OG, the biggest storyline was Amber Portwood‘s ex, Gary Shirley, getting his private detective on.

Confronting Amber about Matt Baier’s seven kids, GareBear threw her for a loop, which she didn’t appreciate … but he wasn’t wrong.

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If you watch Teen Mom online this week, you’ll see Portwood flip out and insist that her much older fiance has merely two offspring.

Well, more like two offspring … give or take five.

After the episode aired, the embattled duo addressed the speculation, insinuating in an MTV video clip that Baier has five children.

Closer. Five … give or take two more.

Matt Baier, a 44-year-old Boston native, has at least seven children, as evidenced by the five baby mamas currently taking him to court!

According to court papers, women from Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota have all filed suit against Baier.

The women are demanding that his new home state of Indiana – where he lives with Amber – force him to pay long overdue child support.

Two of the five women claim to have two kids by Baier, upping the total to seven offspring, or exactly what Gary Shirley told Amber.

Incredibly, while the case was filed October 2, a judicial officer was unable to serve Baier the court summons until two weeks ago.

A December 8 hearing was postponed because no one could find the guy, even though he’s dating an MTV reality star in a small town.

Baier was finally served on January 21, and a hearing has been scheduled in the case for March 22. So where does that leave him?

In financial peril for life, most likely. Use protection, kids.

Still, it appears that Portwood is defending her fiance, insisting in new MTV footage, “I can say that today, we’re in a great place."

They are still planning to marry in October … for now.