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In the year since we first learned that Amber Portwood is dating Matt Baier, a number of troubling details about the 44-year-old’s past have emerged.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Picture

First we learned that Baier is a deadbeat dad who might have as many as eight children by six different women.

Shortly thereafter, we found out that Baier tried to hookup with other Teen Mom stars before eventually turning his attention to Amber.

There have been many, many red flags that should have given Amber ample reason to kick this guy to the curb months ago, but they all pale in comparison to the latest revelation, reported moments ago by Radar Online.

According to court documents obtained by the site, Baier stands accused of sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend less than a year before before he started dating Amber.

The alleged victim filed for a restraining order against Baier in may of 2014. Her affidavit includes the following description of their encounter:

“I went to Matt Baier’s residence to have dinner and a date. He started touching me inappropriately in a sexual manner. Afterwards, he sexually assaulted me.

“I am in fear of him and how he will react to these allegations, and am requesting a restraining order.”

After determining that Baier presented a threat of "immediate danger of abuse," a judge ordered him to remain at least 100 yards away from the alleged victim and her workplace.

A source says the woman later asked that the order be lifted, “because she was afraid [Baier] would retaliate if she didn’t.”