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Amber Portwood is one of the biggest trainwrecks ever featured on MTV’s Teen Mom, which is really saying something. (This is the show that brought us Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, after all.)

Amber has served time and struggled with various addictions, yet somehow she managed to retain partial legal custody of her 5-year-old daughter, Leah.

Now, she may be putting her newly sober and stable lifestyle at risk by involving herself with a much older man with a sketchy past.

Amber Portwood is Ready to Pop Off with Gary Shirley

We’ve known for a while that Amber is in a serious relationship with a mystery man. She even posted photos of their matching tattoos on her Twitter page, but avoided revealing his name or face.

However, despite her best efforts to keep his identity a secret, Radar Online has learned that the new man in Amber’s life is a 43-year-old Boston resident by the name of Matthew Baier.

Baier has a rap sheet a mile long that includes convictions for DUI and issuing bad checks. The divorced dad did a month behind bars for driving under the influence, and it is not known if he served any time for the fraud charges.

Baier also has a history of serious financial trouble and he was once issued a federal tax lien of almost $30,000 that was only discharged in 2008.

It would be a bit troubling to hear that any young single mom is involved with a guy like Baier, but considering that in the recent past, Amber has described herself as a sex-obsessed suicidal drug addict, we doubt she’s got a firm enough foundation to avoid being brought down by such a sleazy-sounding dude.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive Amber’s highs and her many, many lows.