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Louis Tomlinson nearly melted down Instagram on Friday night.

Louis Tomlinson, Son

The handsome One Direction member went shirtless for his latest social media photo, but such an appearance was actually not what had buzzing for a change.

Instead of staring at Tomlinson’s bare torso, followers were mesmerized by Tomlinson’s arms.

Or, specifically, what was in those arms: the singer’s precious little baby!!!!

Using the adorable caption "Lad and Dad," the artist posted the above snapshot to Instagram, giving supporters their second look at son Freddie.

The child, of course, was born in late January to Louis and his ex-lover, Briana Jungwirth.

In just over one hour, the photo garnered over 578,000 Likes and more than 91,000 comments from devoted One Direction fans, with one summing it up perfectly.

“Omg, that’s too cute,” this user wrote.

And we totally agree.

We’d also like to think that Tomlinson was doing his baby mama a solid by sharing this picture and distracting everyone from a rumor that’s been making its way around the Internet.

We honestly have no idea whether or not a Briana Jungwirth sex tape exists and we really don’t care.

We just hope this young woman is getting enough sleep and is enjoying the miraculous bliss of motherhood.