Celebrity Baby Photos: So Adorable!

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What is there to say about the following collection of baby photos except this:

They are so gosh darn cute that we just want to keel over and die!

Not really, of course. We really just want to stop and stare and appreciate their tiny features for a few hours.

Click around below for a precious look at a wide variety of stars and their beloved bundles of joy...

1. Oh, Royal Baby

Oh, Royal Baby
Can you believe Kate Middleton had this baby just seven hours before she debuted him for the public? She's a superhero.

2. Dwayne Johnson, Baby Girl

Dwayne Johnson, Baby Girl
Say hello to Tiana. Dwayne Johnson is now the very proud parent of a second girl... and she's adorable!

3. The Twins!

The Twins!
Beyonce proudly holds up her TWO babies in this iconic photo.

4. Jimmy Kimmel and Son

Jimmy Kimmel and Son
Jimmy Kimmel smiles here while standing over his newborn son. The kid's name is Billy.

5. Jessica Biel, Son

Jessica Biel, Son
Jessica Biel cradles a special young man in this cute photo: it's the son she now shares with Justin Timberlake!!!

6. Kelly Clarkson Baby Cover

Kelly Clarkson Baby Cover
Cutest. Photo. EVER!!! Kelly Clarkson holds her daughter on this adorable cover of People Magazine.

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