Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Drops Lawsuit! Case Dismissed!

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After months of scandals and public embarrassments, Josh Duggar finally received a bit of good news today.

TMZ is reporting that former adult film star Danica Dillon has dropped her lawsuit against Duggar and has vowed to never press further charges.

Joshua Duggar
Danica Dillon Cleans Up Well

Dillon was suing Duggar for $500,000 for sexual assault, claiming that he manhandled and verbally abused her during two paid sexual encounters that took place last year.

Dillon alleged that Duggar was so brutal in his treatment of her that she's been left with permanent injuries and emotional trauma.

Even though the case only reached the pre-trial hearing stage, there was serious some legal bickering involved, as Dillon stuck to her story, while Duggar claimed the two of them had never even met.

As recently as last week, it looked as though Duggar was planning to settle with Dillon in order to bring the case to a close. 

Then, in an interesting turn of events, lawyers for Josh announced that they would not allow Dillon to drop her case unless she retracted her allegations, issued a public apology, and agreed to never refile.

It appears that a compromise was reached, as the public apology and retraction do not appear to be forthcoming.

No one is quite sure what caused Dillon to drop her case, but one of the terms of the agreement is that Josh will not file documents which both sides admit prove that Dillon lied about her encounter with Josh.

In all likelihood, Danica was caught fabricating part of her story, and her lawyers reached an agreement that would allow her to avoid a countersuit or criminal charges.

Naturally, Josh still has a long, long way to go if he hopes to rebuild his reputation with the Duggar faithful, but his victory today certainly amounts to a small step in the right direction.

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