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As we reported yesterday, adult film star Danica Dillon dropped her $500,000 lawsuit against 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar.

Josh n' Danica

As part of the agreement, Dillon promised never to refile the case while Duggar agreed not to file documents "which the parties agree would conclusively prove that [Dillon’s] claims are fabricated," according to court documents obtained by Radar Online. 

This basically means this case is closed for good, but it also means that Dillon admitted to the courts that at least part of her story was made up.

However, Dillon is singing a different tune on social media. 

Yesterday, she tweeted, "Just because something was dropped doesn’t mean it was a lie. #justsaying #thinkbeforeyoutweet."

Danica Dillon tweets response to Duggar case

After being called a liar by members of the Twitterverse, she wrote a second tweet saying their words mean nothing, then attached an Instagram pic of herself flipping off the camera.

Danica Dillon tweets response to people calling her liar
Danica Dillon

Naturally, the admission to the courts versus what she is now saying online has left fans confused. Many have speculated that the Duggars paid her off to drop the case, while others are calling her an extortionist. 

Danica Dillon fan calls her liar on Twitter
Danica Dillon fan asks for explanation on Twitter

The court documents said nothing about Dillon staying hush on social media, so it looks like she’s sticking to her original story outside the courtroom.

Dillon had accused Duggar of physical and verbal abuse during two paid sexual encounters that took place last year. She said she suffered PTSD and loss of wages as a result of the incidents.

Josh claimed he had an alibi, receipts and flight records to prove he was in a different state at the time of the alleged trysts, however, we have not yet seen them.

We may never know exactly what happened between these two, but Dillon provided her side of the story in disturbing, graphic detail during an interview last month with Hustler magazine.