Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11 Recap: Is It Over?!?

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Before we delve into this recap of Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 11, we have an important question to ask:

Do you have a box of tissues handy? Because you're going to need it...

The latest installment of this ABC drama focused entirely on Jackson and April, taking us all the way back to their first meeting in order to learn more about their relationship and see whether their marriage could be saved.

Various incidents and points that we touched on during the flashback heavy hour included:

  • April being livid that Jackson served her with divorce papers only four weeks into marriage counseling.
  • Jackson expressing his shock and hurt that April went "halfway across the world" after their son died.
  • And many other emotional milestones.

We also learned that April actually asked Jackson to go to Jordan with her.

He said at first that he couldn’t bring himself to abandon his patient, but we then saw that he did try to make the flight over there. He simply missed it.

The episode continued to jump all over the place.

Look, there's Jackson tearing apart Samuel’s crib in anger! There’s him pissing April off by suggesting they have another child! There are the two of them dancing! There's the day they actually met at Mercy West!

As the episode came to a conclusion, however, April signed the divorce papers.

It wasn't totally shocking, though it was still tragic to see.

Then, though, everything went from sad to stunning: In the final minute, April revealed to Arizona that she was pregnant.

For real! Go watch Grey's Anatomy online to see April drop this bombshell and then react below:

What do you think it will mean for the future of April and Jackson? Do they still have a future?

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